Stuck On VHS

Co-authored by myself and Lunchmeat VHS Magazine editor-in-chief Josh Schafer, Stuck On VHS is a retrospective art book detailing the illustrated history of video rental store stickers.

Published by Birth.Movies.Death and available through Mondo and at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema / Video Vortex locations.

Stuck On VHS sets out to explore the vibrant and vast world of vintage video store stickers of every persuasion. Detailing video rental store logo stickers, rewind reminders, genre indicators, price deals, and every bit of miscellaneous in-between, this is a book that curates the most essential, influential, incredible, and totally awesome video store sticker ephemera ever created!

Featuring Categorized Galleries of More than 1,000 Unique, Real Video Rental Stickers!

Plus, 3 Sticker-Sheet Pages of Peelable, Usable Stickers!

With the robust rejuvenation of interest in the VHS era and aesthetic, this book will sample the seemingly small, but inherently essential pieces of communication and retrospective aesthetic that populated former rental videocassettes.

These stickers capture a time and place; they stand not only as important design and communication specimens from a distinct era, but also, and perhaps most importantly, these pieces of video store ephemera help to represent the era in a more full manner, further expanding the rear-view of the video store craze, helping us to more distinctly remember and understand the incredible and vibrant world of video rental stores: a world that has virtually gone extinct in the modern world.

What’s more, for the bulk of these stickers, they stand as the only remnant, the only footprint or remaining relic of a particular video store’s existence. In many ways, these stickers can be seen as historical items, and it is our hope that with the publication of this book, the audience will be enlightened to their cultural merit.

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