Photography For Hire

Primarily, my focus is on shooting and marketing my own photography and creative projects. However, I do offer some freelance photography services in my spare time. I specialize in creative and conceptual photo projects. If you want images which tell a story or convey your message/aesthetic, this is what I do best.


My Services


Portraiture & Lifestyle

What I offer: On-location, augmented or natural-light, conceptual portraits or semi-candid photography. I will come shoot either in your space or out in the world to bring life to your photo idea or needs; Whether you’re trying to sell an image, an idea, or just want a cool photo(s) for your own social profiles or personal purposes.

What I do not offer:  In-studio or studio style portraiture with backdrops and flash lighting. Family or child portraits.

Perfect for: Individuals, small/indie brands, bands/musicians.




What I offer: Custom tailored images for use in your publication, online space, or advertisements; Whether you need a photo(s) to illustrate an article or blog post, mise-en-scène shots of your product(s) or merchandise, or a photo to convey a particular idea or concept.

What I do not offer: Bulk catalog/inventory product shots.

Perfect for: Magazines, small/indie brands, bloggers, websites.



Small Business / Commercial

What I offer: Photography for small businesses and entrepreneurs; of your premises’ exterior/interior, products or menu items, staff, etc. for use in advertisements, menus, your online/social presence, or within your establishment.

What I do not offer: Corporate real estate photography. Apartments and privately listed small homes are okay.



Sales Items / Misc.

If you want professional looking photos of an item you are listing for sale (eg. vehicle), I can do this for a small fee.



As I am not a full time photographer-for-hire I do not have any fixed rates. I price on a case-by-case basis, depending on your budget and the time, scale, and effort the project requires.

When you contact me regarding your photography needs, we’ll discuss the vision of the final product, location, logistics, delivery methods, and photo usage. We’ll talk about potential challenges of the shoot and plan for them.

It is my goal to work with the “established clothing brand” and the “amateur fashion blogger” alike. I will provide the best I am capable of doing for you within the budget you have to work with.


Free Photography

(For non-commercial only)

There are a number of themes and subject matter I would like to add or expand on in my portfolio. If the photography you’d like to have done fits into any of the below themes I may be open to doing them at no cost.

  • Dystopian / Post-apocalyptic
  • Retro aesthetics
  • Horror / Macabre
  • Creepy-cute / Cute melancholy
  • Noir/enigmatic nude
  • Gender non-conformity and fluidity / Androgyny
  • Cosplay
  • Surrealism / Surreal nude
  • Strange / Unusual / Absurd